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Evolution Control

Revolutionary Comfort Benefits

On its own, the Evolution Control is a remarkable upgrade from the ordinary thermostat. In concert with a Bryant variable speed equipment and any Bryant central air conditioner or heat pump, this special interface becomes the focal point of a Bryant Evolution System.

The Evolution Control allows you to take charge of your home’s temperature, humidity, dehumidification, ventilation and indoor air quality from one centrally located user interface. At the same time, you will be amazed at how truly easy it is to use. Designed with the largest backlit temperature display in the industry, simple push-button controls and intuitive programming with on-screen instructional prompts, Bryant re-defines the term “user-friendly.”

Perfect Comfort with Perfect Humidity

The Evolution Control not only controls your comfort, it controls you efficiency too. Full, seven-day-a-week programmability lets you set temperature and humidity levels for best combination of comfort when you’re home and extra-high efficiency when you’re away. Compared to a conventional, non-programmable thermostat, you can save as much as 30% on heating and cooling costs!

Perfect Air Purifier - High-Efficiency Whole-Home Air Filtration

Your home is where you go to relax. However, pollen and mold spores can enter through open doors and windows, bacteria and viruses can spread between family and friends, fine dust particles get kicked up from floors and furniture and dander and hair fall from pets. These contaminants can circulate throughout your home, spreading disease or triggering allergic and asthmatic reactions. Bryant comes to the rescue with a complete line of air filtration products led by the Perfect Air Purifier.

The Perfect Air Purifier is ideal for homeowners with allergy concerns, infants and elderly who are susceptible to airborne germs and those sensitive to the effects of pollen, pets and more. Unlike many portable air cleaners, the Perfect Air Purifier is extremely quiet and can treat the air throughout your home. The Perfect Air Purifier cleans over 100 times more air than popular portable units.

How Does It Work?

Truly a whole-home solution, the Perfect Air Purifier treats 100% of the air flowing through your home comfort system using a unique three-step process. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: The Perfect Air Purifier uses precision point ionization to charge particles as they enter the purifier.

STEP 2: A specially designed, continuously charges media captures airborne particles.

STEP 3: Exclusive, state-of-the-art technology kills captured viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other allergens.

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