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Ventilator Plus Energy Recovery Ventilators

Enjoy Clean, Fresh Air and High-Efficiency Energy Recovery with Bryant’s ERV.

Today’s new construction homes are sealed tightly for extra energy efficiency. But this also means your home is a haven for recirculated germs, stale air and humidity. Bryant’s Ventilator Plus energy recovery ventilator brings the freshness of outdoor air inside without sacrificing the comfort and efficiency you expect for your family.


  • The Ventilator Plus ERV brings fresh outdoor air inside through the fresh air port. 
  • The high-efficiency core recovers energy from indoor air and transfers the heated or cooled air temperature to the fresh incoming air without mixing the airstreams.
  • The high-efficiency core of the Ventilator Plus ERV removes humidity from the in-coming outdoor air during summertime operation.
  • Strategic positioning of the motor makes the Ventilator Plus ERV one of the quietest units available today.
  • Two briefcase-style latches on the door of the unit make filter maintenance quick and simple.


  • Improves the air your family breathes by exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air
  • Adds comfort through improved humidity control in the summertime
  • Enhances indoor air quality by never mixing incoming and outgoing airstreams
  • Ensures that you can relax in comfort with quiet system operation
  • Makes cleaning the filters and the core simple with easy accessibility 

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